Rand is Right. It's time to Audit the Fed. Pass S. 264.

Lets look under the hood of this shady organization once and for all!

This Congress can get things done. Last session, Rand Paul tried to get an Audit the Fed bill through the Senate but he fell foul of Harry Reid's politicking. (Reid himself used to call for an audit of the Federal Reserve but something happened to him along the way.) But now with the Senate in Republican hands, there's a very real chance we can force the Comptroller General of the United States to audit the whole Federal Reserve operation.

Why should we Audit the Fed? Because the Federal Reserve controls our lives. It issues all our coin and paper currency, determines interest rates, and sets the course of our nation’s monetary policy. The Fed is the banker’s bank, the federal government’s bank, and, as such, it is the most powerful and influential financial institution in the world. Since the Federal Reserve was established, the United States has experienced the Great Depression, the high inflation and unemployment of the 1970s, the stock market crash and banking crisis of the 1980s, the market turbulence of the 1990s, and, most recently, the 2008 financial crisis. During the same period, the buying power of the United States dollar has fallen 95% under the Fed’s stewardship – in other words, today’s dollar is valued at approximately what a nickel was worth in 1913.

And on top of that we have absolutely no idea what goes on in there. 

Senator Rand Paul's S.264 bill is the Senate's companion piece of legislation to Rep. Thomas Massie's in the House. Please complete the simple form below and send a message to YOUR senators asking them to support this bill and audit the Federal Reserve.

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