My reminder to President Trump 

WHEREAS, illegals should NOT be granted amnesty for breaking immigration law and living illegally in the United States for years, and

WHEREAS, Donald Trump should keep his campaign promises to strictly enforce immigration law and overturn President Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders which granted amnesty to millions of illegals, and

WHEREAS, the centerpiece of Obama’s amnesty scheme was “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” in which 740,000 illegals registered with the government to receive amnesty papers, and

WHEREAS, these should be the first illegals to be deported, since they informed the government they are here illegally and gave an address where they can be picked up, and

WHEREAS, Donald Trump has not ordered their deportation, but instead publicly suggested he will work out “a deal” to give permanent amnesty to these 740,000 “Dreamers,” therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that I, the undersigned, urge President Trump to keep his promise to enforce the law, cease any negotiations with the 740,000 illegals, and deport any illegals found in the United States -- including those who willingly reported themselves as illegals and given their address.

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